A healing movement on the frontlines of justice

We are part of a coalition dedicated to transformative healing.

After two decades of bringing mindfulness to incarcerated youth in juvenile detention facilities, we expanded our services to support incarcerated adults, criminal justice workers, high school educators, and mental health clinicians. We’ve served over 10,000 participants in California alone.

The MBA direct-service curriculum is a living culmination of our work cultivating compassion, self-awareness, and resilience in its participants. Our team of experts–specializing in mindfulness, psychology, and social and emotional learning (SEL)–designed this 10-module curriculum specifically to address the trauma, stress, and anxiety that incarcerated and under-resourced communities face.

We believe in data-based instruction. Our research partnerships with Stanford, UCLA, and Santa Clara University, have enabled us to rigorously test and validate our curriculum’s benefits. We continue to conduct applied research to hone our approach.

We value our longstanding partnerships with Alameda County, San Mateo County, the City of Oakland, and other various private and governmental institutions throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • Trauma-informed, culturally responsive mindfulness training rooted in two decades of training with incarcerated populations.
  • A community of resilience and belonging forged through courageous vulnerability and connection.
  • Over 10,000 young adults, professionals, and activists connected by a common goal of collective transformation.

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Thank you for everything you’ve given us over this course of time. It has been extremely beneficial to my life personally and professionally. As a black man in the space, it felt great and inclusive and relevant. That is not very common so thank you so much for that.

—Educator, CA. Dept. of Ed.

Y’all are amazing. Helped me heal and still on the path to healing from some serious trauma. forever grateful. Thank you.

—Educator, CA. Dept. of Ed.

Thank you all for sharing your authentic selves, your knowledge and for adding to our capacity and understanding of wellness and all that goes into self-care!

—Educator, CA. Dept. of Ed.