Empowering educators

to heal and transform their communities through mindfulness.

Cultivating equity in under-resourced schools with mindfulness-based resilience and leadership curriculum. Together, we can close the achievement gap from the inside out.


Schools are the frontlines of the future, yet their systems of support are outdated. Educators rarely receive the resources they need to meet the mounting stress, anxiety, and trauma of their students (let alone take care of themselves!). From high dropout rates and teacher turnover to low test scores and staff morale, even the most well-intentioned schools are struggling.

We believe that mental health is a right, not a privilege.

A school’s success depends on the wellbeing of its students, staff, and administrators. Together, we can support them all. Mind Body Awareness Projects offers research-backed, mindfulness-based training to help you realize your school’s potential.

EDUCATION System Trainings


Our Calm Minds program offers professional training for educators, staff, and their students to cultivate long-term, sustainable mental wellness. Based on two decades of experience working with underserved youth, we know that transformation can be challenging, yet is entirely possible when the right tools are in place.
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We begin with the foundations of trauma-informed mindfulness to help educators develop practical practices and techniques to care for themselves personally and professionally. The second phase focuses on application to help teachers and administrators create classrooms that realize socio-emotional well-being as well as academic rigor.

Our culturally responsive approach examines the intergenerational, historical, and systemic forms of trauma impacting students and staff on a daily basis. We utilize the frameworks of developmental trauma disorder (DTD), Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to understand the root causes and coach participants through practical, mindfulness-based techniques to respond with compassion and understanding.


Our Calm Minds Advanced  program offers professional training for educators, staff, to begin implementing mindfulness based learning and techniques in the classroom with the youth they serve. 

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We put the skills you learned in  Calm Minds Fundamentals into practice. We provide individualized feedback as participants try out applying trauma-informed mindfulness interventions in a practicum group. Participants also have the opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching from MBA’s experts. 

This training will teach participants how to create classrooms that realize socio-emotional well- being as well as academic rigor.  By putting thing insights into actions, we help educators integrate mindfulness into their schools to build long-lasting self-awareness and socio-emotional learning.


Reduce turnover
and burnout

Practical mental health tools for teachers to sustainably care for themselves and inspire their students.

Foster emotional resiliencE and wellness

Engaging learning environments that boost student’s academic performance and build an empathy-based culture.

Respond to
stress and trauma

Culturally responsive curriculum designed to understand the impact of toxic stress and to develop resilience.


How Do I Get Started?

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  • Comprehensive mindfulness training program designed to address stress and trauma.
  • Research-backed methodology to create lasting behavioral change and emotional resilience.
  • Proven method of improving school culture through compassion-based communication.
  • Community learning pods
  • One-on-one coaching with MBA’s experts
  • Certification credential

After completing our program, our participants reported:


Have learned specific skills to enhance my work/life


Decrease in perceived stress


Increase in self-awareness

Thank you for everything you’ve given us over this course of time. It has been extremely beneficial to my life personally and professionally. As a black man in the space, it felt great and inclusive and relevant. That is not very common so thank you so much for that.

—Jamie P., CA. Dept. of Ed.

Thank you for everything you’ve given us over this course of time. It has been extremely beneficial to my life personally and professionally. As a black man in the space, it felt great and inclusive and relevant. That is not very common so thank you so much for that.

—Camila A., CA. Dept. of Ed.

Y’all are amazing. Helped me heal and still on the path to healing from some serious trauma. forever grateful. Thank you.

—Frank S., CA. Dept. of Ed.

“The reason you should partner with this team of amazing humans is that they live their work. They’re living examples of mindfulness in motion. They’re real, they show up with authenticity of who they are. They don’t sugar coat things, they talk about the real stresses and scenarios where people have to navigate real life.”
Julie Sesser, Specialist – ASAPconnect, Santa Clara County Office of Education